For Surgical Excellence

For Surgical Excellence
Translational Center for surgery
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Innovation driving scientific progress in a research experiment at OR-X

The Operating Room X (OR-X) is an open-access center for surgical research and training. As a national research infrastructure, OR-X combines a highly realistic surgical environment with cutting-edge technology. At the heart of OR-X is a fully equipped operating room, designed for tomorrow's surgical research and training.

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What makes OR-X different?

OR-X – for Surgical Excellence

Our mission is to improve tomorrow's surgery by creating and implementing innovative and disruptive technologies that transform the standard of care and ultimately benefit patients.

A word from the initiator

Today, most surgical research and education takes place in a real operating room. Practical skills are taught on patients. As a technologically advanced research and education infrastructure, OR-X is an ideal environment for surgical training using real instruments and the latest surgical technologies, without compromising patient care. It is also a platform for developing surgical innovations that can be quickly and safely translated into clinical practice.

Facts and figures

  • 814 0 Surgical data in gigabytes
  • 390 0 Trained medical professionals
  • 125 0 R&D experiments

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  • 09.02.2024

    First Prototype of Data Hubs Sucessfully Integrated

    A significant milestone for the collection of high-quality intraoperative data has been achieved in the OR-X by the successful integration of the first MVP of the Data Hubs.

  • 07.12.2023

    OR-X welcomes television crew from SRF 1

    A television crew from SRF 1 recently visited the Surgical Research and Teaching Center OR-X to shoot a report for the news magazine "Schweiz aktuell".

  • 15.11.2023

    Swiss Medical Journal reports on the OR-X

    A report on the OR-X has been published as a cover story in the November issue of Schweizerische Ärztezeitung.