Our mission

Our mission is to improve tomorrow's surgery by creating and implementing innovative and disruptive technologies that transform the standard of care and ultimately benefit patients.


Mission and vision

  • Surgical excellence in research, education and treatment

    By translating research into clinical practice, we are constantly developing new and innovative treatment options that meet the highest standards of surgical excellence. At OR-X, our commitment to translational medicine enables us to bridge the gap between scientific discovery and patient care. High-quality patient treatment is based on excellent and comprehensive surgical education. The OR-X contributes to medical education in Zurich by creating new, modern training opportunities for our future surgeons.

  • Open-access platform

    Our mission at OR-X is rooted in the fundamental principles of open access, inclusion, and fostering collaboration. As a result, we exchange knowledge across borders and disciplines. We actively seek to engage with a wide range of stakeholders, including clinical and academic institutions, governmental agencies, and industrial partners.

  • Dedicated to Musculoskeletal Treatment

    We use our knowledge as world-renowned experts in orthopedics to develop more personalized and effective ways to treat musculoskeletal conditions and contribute to the highest quality of care in the field.

  • Impact

    As a strategic infrastrucuture pillar of the “UMZH” (the University Medicine Zurich), the OR-X is at the center of collaboration between University, university hospitals and industry. We create long-term value for scientific research, education and training of healthcare professionals and the MedTech industry in Switzerland and internationally. By contributing to the strengthening of the medical location Zurich and Switzerland, OR-X plays a crucial role in the advancement of surgical digitization and the advancement of healthcare in the region.