OR-X enters test operations

The OR-X translational research center reaches its next milestone

The OR-X translational research center reaches its next milestone: After only 15 months of construction, the infrastructure is ready for test operations. It has been handed over by the project management to the users of Balgrist University Hospital.

The launch ceremony took place on January 26, 2022. The construction of Operating Room X (OR-X) is now complete and ready for test operations. It is a remarkable achievement that has involved many people, starting with the architects and engineers, the contractors and the craftsmen, who have all done a great deal to ensure that the building meets the highest standards and could be completed on time. 

Sofie Perll, Head of Operations, said: “It was a tough job, but thanks to the excellent cooperation and dedication of everyone involved, we were able to complete this lighthouse project so quickly and efficiently.”

The test phase can now begin

The test phase can now begin

As part of the official handover, the project management team delivered the OR-X to the users. The test phase can now begin and is expected to last until August 2023. The OR-X team will install the medical technology, IT systems and research equipment and set up the surgical infrastructure for operation. Selected experiments and test courses will be conducted to optimize processes and familiarize personnel with the procedures.

OR-X will help keep Switzerland at the forefront of surgical innovation. The completion of construction marks an important milestone towards this goal. Prof. Mazda Farshad, initiator and founder, explained: “The OR-X will be a national platform for translational surgical research and training. I look forward to the great surgical discoveries and breakthroughs made in OR-X.”

About OR-X
OR-X (Operating Room X) is a state-of-the-art infrastructure for surgical research and education based on the latest technology. It will simplify surgical education without placing unnecessary burdens on patients. Researchers can develop and validate new technologies and innovations more efficiently.

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