OR-X starts TRANSFORM project and receives UZH funding of 1 Mio. Swiss Francs

The OR-X research team, together with ROCS and Balgrist University Hospital officially launched the TRANSFORM project approved by the University of Zurich (UZH). The project aims to establish OR-X as a center for research in modern surgery, surgical training, and translation of surgical innovations, preparing the OR-X infrastructure as a highly technological testbed for the time- and cost-effective development and validation of research results towards in-vivo treatment.

The TRANSFORM funding line provides fast-start funding for long-term structural changes in the UZH research landscape. The project has been approved by the UZH Executive Board and will receive a total of 1.0 million CHF in funding for two years through the TRANSFORM funding line. The financial support provided by the funding line is intended to close the gap between the ongoing infrastructure construction of OR-X and the longer-term financing and third-party funding strategy. The proposed structural development of OR-X is aligned with other large research initiatives of the Universities such as the Loop Zurich, the InnoSuisse Flagship project PROFICIENCY, the Hochschulmedizin Zurich Flagship project SURGENT, and the OR-X application for the Swiss Roadmap of Research Infrastructures (SERI).

As OR-X project initiators, Prof. Dr. med. Mazda Farshad, Medical director of Balgrist University Hospital and Prof. Dr. Philipp Fürnstahl, Professor of Orthopedic Computer Science, are responsible for implementing the research strategy together with Dr. Fabio Carrillo, head of Research Operations in OR-X . The project team will work towards achieving the project goals through a collaborative effort involving various stakeholders, including various faculty members, researchers, clinicians and students, of UZH, ETH and Balgrist.

About OR-X
Operating Room X (OR-X) is an open-access center for surgical research and training that combines a highly realistic surgical infrastructure with cutting-edge technology. The OR-X facilitates surgical training without burdening patients and enables breakthroughs in surgical research. It offers researchers the opportunity to develop and validate new technologies and innovations more efficiently, helping Switzerland to stay at the forefront of surgical innovation.

For further information, contact
Prof. Dr. med. Mazda Farshad, Medical Director, Balgrist University Hospital
via Jvan Steiner, Communications, Balgrist University Hospital
+41 44 386 14 15 / kommunikation@balgrist.ch

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